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Land consolidation (d)

In India, we have right to property and inheritance. The successors have to inherit the property of their predecessors. Consequently, land has to be sub-divided among the successors after the death of the predecessor. Due to growth of population, land has to be split into various small holdings. Further, each of the sons wil1 want to share a part of each plot of land that the father has left. This has led to fragmentation of holdings. Thus the lands were divided into small patches and scattered over a large area. The poor farmers have to lose considerable amount of bullock and human energy moving from one plot of land to another. Further, it is impossible to adopt modern scientific cultivation in tiny pieces of land. Modern machinery like tractors, pump sets cannot be applied to those small pieces.

Land consolidation is a planned readjustment and rearrangement of land parcels and their ownership. It is usually applied to form larger and more rational land holdings. Land consolidation can be used to improve the rural infrastructure and to implement the developmental and environmental policies.

Land consolidation is the reallocation of parcels with the aim the landowners to obtain larger parcels at one or more places in exchange of their former smaller and fragmented land plots. The word “land consolidation” comes from the Latin “commassatio (grouping). Land consolidation has always been something more than only the simple rearrangement of parcels to remove effects of fragmentation seeking higher productivity and lower costs. Recently, there is more emphasis for achieving more efficient multiple use of  area by balancing the interests of land owners, investors, government bodies, etc...

We at MEDIATOR LANDBASE use of this procedure is to improve unsuitable land structure and support the land owners make the best use of the assets without changing the status of ownership.